Dr. Dulin W. Clark, Ph.D.   Licensed Psychologist - 416 Allegheny street, Hollidaysburg, PA
It is my belief that people naturally strive toward a life filled with pleasure, meaning, and  balance.  While freedom from emotional pain and suffering is certainly a fundamental building block to contentment, the yearning for the full life is an equally powerful force. 
Too often, however, barriers emerge in our quest for the full life.  Depression, anxiety,  relationship problems, work/professional issues, loss, low self-esteem, and stress can cloud our journey to feeling and functioning well.  

Many times, the thoughts and feelings we have carried from early experiences and relationships are no longer useful, and a new way of viewing ourselves is necessary.  Learning from our histories can help us live more satisfying lives in the present. 

I provide a warm and compassionate environment to explore your barriers to positive and peaceful feelings, satisfying relationships, and meaningful work.   Your exploration of your thoughts, feelings, and patterns can lead to increased clarity, more meaning, and better choices. 

I work one on one with clients experiencing:
Relationship Problems
Grief and Loss
Work and Career Difficulties
Spirituality and Religious Concerns
Sexual Orientation and Identity

 My office is private and comfortable and easily accessible in downtown Hollidaysburg.
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